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North Star Water Softeners



North Star water softener remove contaminants that cause hard water. North Star Water  softeners remove  contaminants such as calcium, magnesium, sediment and iron from your home’s water sources. With these excess minerals removed, you will see less scale buildup on your home’s appliances, and your skin will feel softer. Let us at Blue Lagoon Pool and Spa  diagnose your hard water problem and find a solution that best suits your home. Bring in a tap water sample in today. 



Hard water rears its ugly head all over the house. Many people accept the symptoms of hard water without even knowing they can be free of the issues it causes.




  • Dry Skin and Hair
  • Scale and Soap Scum
  • Spotting on Dishes and Glassware
  • Damage to Water Fixtures
  • Reduced Life of Clothing and Textiles
  • Excess Energy Use
  • Added Cost of Extra Cleaning Supplies and Detergent Use


But there’s no need to worry when you have the proper water softening system to protect your home and your family. START enjoying the benefits of having a North Star Water Softening System.

Water Refiners

There are many home water solutions that tackle a specific water issue. North Star also  offers a water treatment system that can solve multiple water problems you may be experiencing. Reduce foul odors coming from your water and hardness with a water refining system. These systems reduce minerals and sediment to make your water not only soft, but also enjoyable to drink.